SyncArmy is a community of Interactive Sync Creators. We have the most advanced & experienced Creators sharing their work on a daily basis. SyncArmy is the place you can support the advancement of Interactive Syncs by the purchasing of your favorite content.

Syncs are files that can be played along side an Interactive Device, such as the Fleshlight Launch, to make the device mimic the on-screen action.  Each Sync takes an enormous amount of time, usually many many hours, & a ton of skill to create.

The syncs are used with interactive devices such as the Fleshlight Launch. We recommend the program “ScriptPlayer” to use the syncs.

Visit Our Sync Boot Camp Page (Here) For More Info & Our ScriptPlayer Tutorial.

Most people use Savido or TubeOffline & simply enter the URL.  You can also use a browser extension like DownloadHelper or program like Internet Download Manager to grab the videos right off of the sites.

Yes… Some Vendors (Realcumber & Xeroconform) do “Custom Sync Request“.

Note: All “Custom Sync Requests” will be posted on SyncArmy.

Yes You Can … each Sync has a recommended scene, but all Syncs can be used “Blind” with any scene you want to try them with.

Each Sync is created by one of our Vendors.  They spend a massive amount of time to create each sync.  Time is the main factor in determining sync prices.  So when you see a product with a high price, you know that the Vendor has personally put alot of time into creating that content.

Contact SyncArmy Support Here support@syncarmy.com