VirtualTaboo – Georgie Lyall – Oven Heat, Mom Takes It Deep

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Georgie Lyall – Open Heat, Mom Takes It Deep

Starring: Georgie Lyall

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Sync Duration: 33:35

Sync Device: Fleshlight Launch

Vendor Notes: This is a very high quality taboo VR scene from VirtualTaboo, featuring the always amazing Georgie Lyall and her equally fantastic big natural breasts! Hope you’re up for a little Oedipussy, because Georgie plays a horny stepmom with a dirty mouth that is just to die for. The teasing starts right from the beginning, when she bends over and shows you her round ass peeking out from her little grey apron. As she gets a little more comfortable she pulls those gorgeous tits out for you to fondle, and then peels off everything before she drops down on her knees and shoves your dick right down her lusty mature throat. She starts off in missionary and doggystyle, letting you take the lead as she spreads her sexy shaved pussy to take a pounding. After this she gets on top and rides a bit in reverse cowgirl before wrapping those wonderful soft tits around you for a little titty fucking action. She gets herself off, cumming hard in cowgirl, with those bouncing boobs jumping around like overly excited (sweater) puppies. Once she’s had hers, she strokes and sucks at a very enthusiastic pace to get all of your built up cum out. I haven’t worked with VirtualTaboo scenes before, and was very surprised with the overall quality here. Georgie’s dirty talk here was great, and the mom/son angle really shines here as you would expect from a studio with taboo right in the title. The girl on top camera work is also on par with the bigger companies, especially when she’s leaning over with those soft swinging MILF melons right in your face! I might just have to check out some more from VT, because this kind of content gets neglected by a lot of studios. Check this one out if you’re into beautiful blonde women, aprons (which are far sexier than I would have thought), great dirty talk, and of course hot stepmother sex. Enjoy!

Official Description: Sometimes adjusting to life with a new family is difficult. Georgie Lyall was used to living alone before she married her new husband. She never had to worry about privacy or little things like making sure she was fully dressed in the kitchen. On an particularly warn night, Georgie was preparing dinner for her new family. Since it was so hot, she didn’t bother getting dressed, cooking in just her panties with an apron covering her body. Georgie didn’t realize that her stepson was already home and watching her as she bent over to take the meal from the oven. When she notices son watching, Georgie is embarrassed and begs him not to tell his father that he saw her this way. He agrees, but only if he promises to show him her breasts. At first she is shocked, but it feels good to be looked at the way he is staring at her. The look in his eye, the bulge in his pants. They turn her on and she does more than just show him. She drops to her knees and wraps her soft tits around his hard cock. Making him promise not to tell his father, the hot mom offers to suck his big young cock. He readily agrees and helps her up on top of him so she can ride with her tight pussy and shake her big tits in his face. They make the kitchen even hotter as he fucks her harder than his father ever has, making Georgie scream and cum until she nearly collapses. Appreciative of his efforts, she crawls off and sucks him until he sprays a huge sticky load all over her face and tits. It has stay their secret, but if he can keep quiet, she promises to let him do it again.

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