VR Users … Playing 2D Syncs Successfully? … Its Time For VR Boot Camp

Sync Boot Camp

5 Minute Tutorial For The Fleshlight Launch

ScriptPlayer Tutorial For 2D Syncs

FredTungsten Is The Creator Of Scriptplayer … It Is Free To Use & Always Will Be

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Step 1: Install ScriptPlayer

Find The Latest Release Here.

(Current Release .exe)

BLE Access Should Be Granted During The Install

(Bluetooth Access)

Step 2: Connect The Launch

Attn: Do Not Connect Launch Via

PC Bluetooth Settings!!!

Start ScriptPlayer First, Then Your Launch

(It Should Be In Pairing Mode… Blinking Blue Light)

Then Connect Via

Devices > Connect Launch Directly


Video Here  –  Sync Here

(Get This Full BJ Scene Here)

Step 4: Playing A Sync (.funscript)

Drag The Video Into ScriptPlayer…

Its Corresponding .funscript…


Step 5: Lube Up ... Hold On!!!

Your Launch Should Now Follow The Movements Sent By The Corresponding .funscript File

You Now Know The Basics To Play All Of The Syncs Found On SyncArmy.

VR Users … Playing 2D Syncs Successfully? … Its Time For VR Boot Camp

Advanced Settings

Tutorial #1 : Perfect Timing

How To Get Perfect Timing With All Of SyncArmy’s Syncs

Certain Factors Can Effect The Launch’s Connection To Your PC … Mainly Your Bluetooth Connection.  If The Timing Seems Off A Bit, Use The Test Below To Make Adjustments -/+ To The “Script Delay” In ScriptPlayer To Achieve Perfect 1:1 Timing.

All Of The Syncs On SyncArmy Have The Same Timing … You Should Only Have To Do This Once.

Step 1: Download The "Script Delay" Test

Download The Video Here.

Download The Sync Here.

Step 2: Adjust The Script Delay

Attn: Most People Should Leave This Setting At 0 ms … Only Adjust If You Feel The Timing Is Off.

Open Settings On Right Of Player (Click Pin).

Adjust “Script Delay” -/+ For Perfect Timing.

Tip: Start With A -50 Delay To Start Strokes Slightly Earlier … Then Adjust From There.

Bluetooth Tips:

Do NOT Use USB 3.0 Ports For Your Bluetooth Dongle

USB 3.0 ports are known to cause interference with Bluetooth signals. Even devices on neighboring ports can cause interference indirectly. Use the USB 2.0 ports on the front of your PC case if you still have them. You can read more about this here.


Use A USB Extension Cable To improve Signal Strength

Use an extension cable to decrease the distance from your PC to where you use the Launch. Even small distances and objects (like desks) significantly lower the quality and strength of the signal. Move the bluetooth dongle closer and in line-of-sight for the best experience.

Do NOT Connect The Launch To Your PC Via “Add Bluetooth Device” … You Will Have Pairing Issues

Follow Step 2 Of The ScriptPlayer Tutorial